I was at the point of,
"Do I keep doing what I'm doing and burn out
OR do I just quit doing what I love?"
When I decided something had to change!

Entrepreneur, Wife, Mom, Mentor and 
   Creator of Pilates. Passion. Profit.

I was at the point of "Do I keep doing what I’m doing and burn out OR Do I just quit doing what I love"... when I decided something had to change.

After the experiences I’ve had I don’t want other studio owners to go through the same pains and mistakes that I did.

I went from a few new clients a month (maybe), to expecting and getting anywhere from 15-25 new clients each month! Now yes…we do have multiple instructors and can handle that many clients but my smaller studio owners I’ve worked are getting a consistent 3-8 and more new clients a month themselves!

I’ve gone from training 40-60 hours a week and rarely working on my business to working consistently on GROWING the business and being able to be a wife and mom to my 7, 3, and 8 month old and not having to worry how the rent is going to get paid!

I’ve watched many Pilates Studio Owners grow beyond being great instructors to become confident entrepreneurs, by making an income and a life they desire!

Wendy opened her first studio in 2001 with 1 reformer. She expanded into a physical therapy clinic as well as health club before moving to Omaha and selling her studios in Lincoln. Wendy and fellow Instructor Trainer Ashlee co-own the Pilates Center of Omaha which has been voted the #1 Best Pilates Studio in Omaha for 7 consecutive years! 

Wendy understands what it's like to have the desire to have a successful business and a vibrant life. As the mother of 3 children herself she gets it and is excited to help you be successful and have the balance in your life that you long for!

Patrick Przyboroski
Owner Practice Fitness

If you are a studio owner who feels overwhelmed by the prospects of teaching, managing, owning, relating, and parenting, then Wendy will be an invaluable resource for helping you to create and sustain a sense of order in the chaos, and a ground for building the systems you need to thrive in all areas of your life.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Contact Wendy today for your free consultation!

Christina Diers
Owner Pilates Core & More

Working with Wendy keeps me focused and makes me accountable. She helps me set goals and guides me on how to achieve them. The group is a great network to ask questions and from which to get support. I appreciate their input, and we cheer each other along the way. It is so nice to be a part of this group especially when you are self-employed and work alone!

Turn your pilates passion into profit!