How would it feel to...

Turn your pilates passion into profit, design a studio with impeccable training, full classes, AND have the life you've imagined?

How would you like to...

Work more ON your business than IN your business?

I invite you to become an... 
Empowered and Financially Free Pilates Studio Owner

I have helped many studio owners in the last 12 years transform their studios from struggling money maker to profitable business asset, will you be next?

I am about to share with you exactly what to do to start working on your business rather than in your business, have your classes filled, have time for your trainers and clients and have people knocking on your door consistently.

Many of us, myself included, became pilates instructors because we wanted to "help people", to educate them and enrich their lives. And while we were passionate about our hearts' mission we lost track of taking care of ourselves or aligning the business with what we imagined being a female entrepreneur would look like!

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"I worked with Wendy as a business coach to guide me through some of the details of starting my new studio. Her help came at just the right time and was incredibly valuable.

She helped me with so many different elements of the business. She helped me clarify my goals and kept them at the forefront of her mind each time we met. She brought up details of the business that I had not considered and covered everything from branding and marketing to supporting my staff to decorating!!

Wendy's years of experience and her patient guidance were truly gifts to me during this time and even now, I know that I can always call on her for her wisdom and support."

Wendy Bausch
Studio Owner

Together we will...

  • Create systems, specifically designed for your needs to assist your studio, instructors and clients
  • Ensure your business is maximizing potential and saving time, while increasing profit
  • Analyze your time spent working IN and ON your business and create action steps for increased productivity, time management and income
  • Make your message crystal clear so your prospective clients really know HOW to get started with you
  • Entice your current clients to give you referrals
  • Simplify your scheduling process
  • Empower your clients to take ownership of their workouts and yet feel supported all the time
  • Empower your Instructors to take ownership of their clients and feel supported as a valued member of the studio team
  • Streamline and strengthen your marketing
  • Create not just clients, but a long term committed community
  • Infuse your days with clear family and personal time

This program is set up for your success!

  • 6 month coaching program
  • Dive Deep Questionnaire & Initial 40 minute private call to take a deep look at not only your business but you as a studio owner 
  • Weekly training and weekly Q&A hot seat coaching calls where you will learn the critical lesson for the week and all of your questions answered personally 
  • Not sure you'll stay on track? That's why we have Weekly Accountability Check Ins
  • Calls, video conferences, Facebook chats... all designed to get you what you need to succeed!

Rest assured I am with you 
All the way to the end! 

I will be there step by step to guide you, support you and work through whatever you are dealing with! Yes, we'll have our training in place, but if there is a need for additional training along a topic, you will be supported! I am here to meet you where you are and take you to the next level!

If you are ready to become Empowered and Financially Free Pilates Studio Owner, helping your instructors and clients more than you imagined, getting the systems in place for success and increasing your bottom line, then this journey is the right step for you!

"If you are a studio owner who feels overwhelmed by the prospects of teaching, managing, owning, relating, and parenting, then Wendy will be an invaluable resource for helping you to create and sustain a sense of order in the chaos, and a ground for building the systems you need to thrive in all areas of your life.

But know this: Just as we in the fitness field act as change agents and accountability checkpoints for our clients, Wendy will ask you to participate fully in the course, complete projects that have an immediate impact on your business and life, and will check in on you to make sure you get the most from your investment in each course or mastermind group in which you participate. Are you are ready for an upgrade in your business and your quality of life? Are you committed to making decisions and taking action? Are you also nervous and unsure about the many forks in the road that face you on your journey to success? Then Wendy is a great choice for you!"

Patrick Przyborowski
Owner of Practice Fitness

I know what it's like to own a studio, I've owned several for the last 15 years!

I will show you how taking time to work ON your business will actually make you more money so you don't HAVE to see so many clients to pay the bills, and OH how you will flourish!

I've developed this training because you know what.... I GET IT!

I've had the REAL LIFE nitty gritty business training of doing it, failing some and SUCCEEDING many more times and building a BUSINESS I LOVE with the LIFE I'VE ALWAYS IMAGINED!

Through the problems and dips I have learned so many things that I want to share with you and make sure you don't have to go through the same struggles.

I genuinely believe that you can have both an amazing business and live the life you desire!

Let's make these dreams turn into reality...claim one of these spots and get ready to Rock your Studio and Life!

The Empowered and Financially Free Studio Owner 
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