Want MORE Clients and MORE Money?

She laughed when I said, "Let's aim for 10 new clients this month." 

I laughed when she got
15 new clients in one week!

Wouldn't you love for this to be you? 

(getting several new clients in one week!)


Or is this you?

  • Do you ever wonder where you’re going to find new clients?
  • Have you ever thought “Business is hard, I’m so tired trying to do all the teaching and then trying to find the time to work on the business.”
  • Would you like to know month after month you’ll have a consistent influx of new clients and raving fans?
  • Would you love to have time to work ON your business?
  • Are you ready to live more of life and stop missing out?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, join me in this “How to” course and finally get out of the “How do I get more clients?” rut!

Many of us, myself included, became pilates instructors because we wanted to “help people” and to have them love pilates as much as we did.

While I was passionate about my mission I still struggled with the day to day, month to month questions of:

  • How do I get more clients?
  • How do I make more money without having to train 60 hours of clients each week?
  • Where do I find good clients consistently?
  • How do I make more money without losing my mind?
  • How can I have a pilates studio and a life?

I was training clients all day long and then on top of that, trying to find additional time to work ON my business.

I was trying to figure out how to get new clients in my door, so I could make more money. But I found myself spinning my wheels day in and day out, getting nowhere! (Sound familiar?) 


"Maybe I should just close my doors, life would be easier."

– Wendy (before I figured things out)

I loved the freedom that being my own boss provided but…

I was missing out on so many family activities and events that I wanted to be a part of.

One day I was at the point of “Maybe I should just close my doors, life would be easier.”

Then it hit me!  The realization that it was ME! The thing I had resisted so much in my life and my business because I didn’t want to be constrained, limited and inflexible was completely holding me back!

I had zero systems in place to attract clients to my studio and once they were there I didn’t have anything to keep them! I simply assumed they would keep coming back (because they loved pilates as much as I did).  

I had to make a change!

At this point, I took a long look in the mirror and new I had to make a change!

Here’s what I realized about me…

  • I am a Pilates Instructor 
    • I loved pilates. I loved teaching. I’ve lost track of the number of hours spent in pilates trainings and the number of trips around North America doing what I loved! Pilates had me at Rolling Like a Ball (which back them was actually rolling like an egg).
  • I'm a Mom 
    • I’m a great mutli-tasker. A work-when-they-sleep, organize-the-world, roll-with-the-punches, keep-it-all-together mom of 3 amazing children! (Thankfully, I didn’t have children when I started my studio or I’m afraid they wouldn’t have known who their mother was!)
  • I was a business rookie
    • When I opened my first studio, I had ZERO business training and very little experience running a business. Heck, we signed a lease for our space and hadn’t secured any financing! (I now acknowledge that was a huge risk, but one we needed to make at the time…sometimes you just need to jump!) I frequently think, “Wow, if I knew back then what I know now things would have been completely different.” 


Fast forward to today...

  • I am able to have the business I love AND spend time with my family!
  • No more missing events and milestones. I finally have the freedom I craved for so long.
  • I’ve gotten out of my own way. The structure I feared that would bind me to my work has actually allowed me more freedom and more time to work ON my business instead of IN my business.

I went from working my tail off training clients, working IN my business, and hoping a friend of a client would come in…

To expecting a steady flow of clients each month. I never thought it was possible to get 5 to 10 or even 15 new clients in a month... until I figured it out!

Don’t get me wrong, I still work my tail off. But now I work smarter. And I don’t worry any more about how to find new clients because I have systems in place to follow.  My business now fits into my life whereas before my business ran my life!  

Hi, I'm Wendy...

Like many of you, I started teaching because I loved Pilates and I knew I could have a massive impact on my clients. 

Quickly, I realized I'm more than just a Pilates instructor! I'm an entrepreneur... and I needed to figure some things out! 

That was over 17 years ago! And since that realization, I eventually figured some things out! 

It took me years of trial and error, countless learning opportunities (mistakes), and month after month of grinding hard work. But, it was all worth it because...

What I discovered changed my life!

Now I want to share those life changing lessons with YOU!

Welcome to the More Clients More Money Program

In only 8 weeks, this revamped and expanded program will transform how you get clients into your studio, so you don’t have to worry any more. You will no longer have to train more hours to make more money and keep missing out on life!

In the More Clients More Money Program you will be guided through the (now) 5 Pillars of the New Client Success System.  With this system, we will focus only on the most important areas you need to get clients knocking on your door, keep your raving fans doing more, and create more freedom for you as a studio owner. No more losing your mind or wasting your time!

The New Client Success System

The New Client Success System will allow you the freedom to work ON your business AND be there when life happens. 

This proven system is what I teach in detail throughout the More Clients More Money Program. It is designed to attract new clients, keep your current clients coming in, and draw back those clients who may have slipped through the cracks. 

Are you ready for what's next? Are you ready to work ON your business, overcome the overwhelm, get your life back, and discover the joy you've always wanted from owning your very own pilates studio? If you are, then you are ready for the newly expanded More Clients More Money Program!

The 5 Pillars of the New Client Success System

Ideal Clients

Discover who your ideal clients really are and how knowing this will save you time and money as well as help you get a studio full of raving fans that you love working with.


What you say to your ideal clients is important! No more general pilates lingo! What you say and how you say it gets them in the door! Create messaging that speaks directly to them and has them saying,"Yes! This is exactly what I need!"

The Client Journey

Get them saying “Yes” to you from the start. Get them in the door, keep them coming back and have the systems in place to know what to do if they happen to sneak away.

Marketing Matters

Now that you know who your ideal client is and what to say, we'll develop a strategy to reach them and get them saying "Yes" to your studio. Do you hide from social media because it's overwhelming or maybe just put up a post hoping desperately someone reads it? This pillar is for you and will have you marketing your studio like a pro!

Winning the Off-Line Game

Having an on-line presence is important, however, I see many studio owners hiding behind their computers and social media.  Your Pilates studio is built on personal relationships. I will help you and show you how to develop more Champions for your studio to help keep the clients coming in your door!

How does this all happen?

The More Clients More Money Program is delivered dynamically via various online platforms to optimize the learning environment.

Connect with us from your studio or home!

  • Weekly video trainings
    • Each week we’ll have video trainings to give you a jumpstart on the material for the week. These are broken down into bite size chunks to get you taking action right away. The course site is easy to log into and you can access it from anywhere!
  • Live Q&A calls
    • We’ll connect via video conferencing throughout the course to get your questions answered, brainstorm any challenges you may be having and Celebrate your Successes!
  • Members Only Private Facebook Group
    • We’ll connect for accountability and idea sharing with other studio owners. I’ll be in there to help you when you get stuck or need to bounce an idea off someone. We’ll all be there to cheer you on!
  • Weekly intention setting and accountability
    • Each week you’ll set your intentions for taking action and check in at the end of the week to report your progress. This system is intentionally set up for your success! 

Are you ready to get More Clients
and Make More Money?

I was at the point of “Do I keep doing what I’m doing and burn myself out OR do I just quit doing what I love?” When I decided something had to change!

After the success I’ve seen from my transformation (and this transformation didn’t take place overnight) I didn’t want other pilates studio owners to have to suffer through the same pains and mistakes that I did! 

This is the "why" for the More Clients More Money Program. Other studio owners are able to get proven tactics, actionable instruction, and genuine support as they grow their studio business. 

Here's what previous students are saying about MCMM:

"Joining the More Clients More Money Program was hands down the best business decision I made.

I was overwhelmed with the best way to get new clients in the door and keep them there, in addition to just keeping my head above water with everything that needed to happen with the studio.

A friend suggested Wendy’s program to me. I remember looking at her website and dreaming about what it would be like to get 15 new clients in a week. I knew I had to give this a shot! I decided that if I got even one new client the cost of the program would be worth it.

Now, I am so thankful for the systems that Wendy has helped me to set up. I was able to put these systems in place and set everything up for success from the start.

Wendy has such a wealth of knowledge and experience and really treats all of her clients like family. I cannot say enough good things about this program and my experience with Wendy. "

Carissa Floyd
The Pilates Underground

"An Asset to my Business”
"Working with Wendy keeps me focused and makes me accountable. She helps me set goals and guides me on how to achieve them. The group is a great network to ask questions and from which to get support. I appreciate their input, and we cheer each other along the way. It is so nice to be a part of this group especially when you are self-employed and work alone!"

Christina Diers, M.S.
Pilates, Core & More

"I have gotten so much out of Wendy’s program. In the past, I have signed up for way too many online programs that fell flat for me and I struggled to finish them let alone get much out of it.

This program kept me motivated and inspired. Wendy’s support and suggestions have helped me to start to restructure what I am doing in my business.

I am excited to launch the changes I’ve outlined with her guidance, that will take things to the next level in my business.

And most of all, I LOVE that Wendy is so down to earth, real, and approachable! She is available and answers my questions quickly, and always offers honest and helpful advice.

This program is a bargain for the wealth of information and coaching you will get from it! I'm so thankful I didn't pass on this opportunity. When you get a chance, do yourself and your business a favor and sign up!"

Ruth Stover
Corestar Pilates

"When I began working with Wendy, I didn't actually know I needed a business coach until I was referred to her by my friend who was working with her. I had made a lot of mistakes in the past and learned from them, but didn't have the tools to make better choices; again, I didn't know what I didn't know. 

I had the instructors hungry for clients and I just couldn't figure out why more people weren't calling to sign up. I was doing all sorts of marketing and advertising, but I was frustrated and scratching my head a lot because it wasn't working out.

I took a leap of faith and emailed Wendy the same day my friend told me about her. My gut told me to do it. I immediately dove right in with all of Wendy's homework assignments and within one month, I had discovered my real ideal client, set up systems for the studio, an operations manual, a studio manual, and made changes to my website. I even redid the instructors contracts. And in four weeks, nine new clients signed up!!! 

Wendy took me from calling my studio phone line to see if it worked, to checking my voicemail and email everyday and finding new clients inquiring about the studio to sign up.  I have also been able to generate enough income to fill my studio with more equipment so we are fully equipped and can offer all services.

I highly recommend Wendy if you are a new studio looking to get off the ground or have had your studio and need a boost. Even if you want to skip a homework assignment because you already do something similar, do it anyway and make it better with her ideas. Wendy's process works."

Erica Walters
Pilates Fit Studio

Are you ready for an upgrade in your business and your quality of life? 

Are you committed to making decisions and taking action?  

More Clients More Money is an action taking program to get you More Clients and More Money coming into your studio.

Even if you can’t work more hours…

Even if you are a 1 instructor show…

Even if your studio is successful and you’re ready to take it to the next level… 


What would getting More Clients and More Money be worth to your studio? To YOU? 

Let’s just say, for example, that a new client pays you $300 for their first purchase. This program will cost you less than getting 2 new clients in the door or less than 1 additional private session a week! 

Imagine this...

Waking up in the morning, with new clients wanting to get started.

Logging into your schedule to see a wait list for classes... Clients have purchased sessions overnight while you slept... And it's all because you got a New Client Success System in place… and this happens day after day after….

After you take care of you in the morning (because early morning clients are not your deal and you prefer your mornings to yourself… you head to the studio to find smiling faces, rave reviews and a clientele that can’t wait to tell their friends. (Oh, and they love your thank you gift!)

Being able to set up your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter (and whatever social media posts you desire) and knowing exactly what to say. It doesn’t take you hours anymore to try and figure out what to post and your clients say, “This is why I love your studio!” and “I love this post, it’s like you are talking directly to me!” It’s so satisfying to know who you want to have as a clientele and not worry about the rest!

Let’s face it, 2019 could be your GREATEST year yet!

The More Clients More Money Program was the best business decision I ever made.  

--- Carissa

Invest in Yourself

For the cost of 1-2 new clients you can overcome the overwhelm and get the systems in place that give you freedom and control.

Single Payment of


one payment

Actionable Strategies taught through weekly video trainings

Live Q&A Calls to address your specific needs and questions

Members Only Facebook Group 

Weekly Assignments that provide Clarity and Accountability

I'm ready to invest in myself!

Split Payments of


then a second payment of $297

Actionable Strategies taught through weekly video trainings 

Live Q&A Calls to address your specific needs and questions 

Members Only Facebook Group 

Weekly Assignments that provide clarity and accountability

I'm ready to invest in myself!

Wendy Andersen

Entrpreneur, Wife, Mom, Mentor and Creator of Pilates Passion Profit

I want to help your turn your Pilates Passion into Pilates Profit!

After the experiences I’ve had, I don’t want other studio owners to have to go through the same pains and mistakes that I did.

With the More Clients More Money Program, I’ve watched many Pilates Studio Owners grow beyond being great instructors to become confident entrepreneurs, by making an income and a life they desire!

Take a few minutes to think… how much it is costing you in your business and life every day that you don’t get systems in place to get MORE Clients & MORE Money.

I’m confident that when you do the work you too can have a business you love and a life you desire!

No more stressed out studio owner!

Will you...

Decide that it’s your time to get to work putting the systems in place and creating the freedom in your business that will catapult not only your business but your life in an entirely new direction?

* My average single instructor gets 3-8 new clients in a month after getting their systems in place and the larger studios see an average of 10-20 new clients a month!

* Many studio owners have gone from pulling their hair out and not having any time to work ON their business to having the time they need and the systems in place to have more freedom in their studio as well as their home.

Wouldn’t you love to be that business owner who can enjoy their balanced life because they have the systems and support they need?

"If you do what you’ve always done,
you’ll get the results you’ve always gotten." – Tony Robbins

It's not too late! Still time to get in!









Invest in Yourself

For the cost of 1-2 new clients you can overcome the overwhelm and get the systems in place that give you freedom and control.

Single Payment of


one payment

Actionable Strategies taught through weekly video trainings

Live Q&A Calls to address your specific needs and questions

Members Only Facebook Group 

Weekly Assignments that provide Clarity and Accountability

I'm ready to invest in myself!

Split Payments of


then a second payment of $297

Actionable Strategies taught through weekly video trainings 

Live Q&A Calls to address your specific needs and questions 

Members Only Facebook Group 

Weekly Assignments that provide clarity and accountability

I'm ready to invest in myself!

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